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Nature Portfolio - catalogue of plant photos        


This page lists all of the species for which we currently hold stock photos, email for previews

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Species beginning with O

English names:
    (link to Scientific names)
  Oak, Cork
  Oak, Downy
  Oak, Holm (Evergreen)
  Oak, Pedunculate (English)
  Oak, Red
  Oak, Sessile
  Oat (cultivated hybrid)
  Obedient Plant
  Oblong-leaved Sundew
  Oilseed Rape
  Okame Cherry
  O'Kelly's Spotted Orchid
  Old Man Banksia
  Olive Willow
  Olive-leaved Germander
  Omega Orchid
  One-flowered Fleabane
  Onion Orchid
  Onion, Maori
  Opium Poppy
  Orange Balsam
  Orange Daisy
  Orange Hawkweed
  Orange Tree
  Orange Wild Tulip
  Orchid Tree
  Orchid, Argolis
  Orchid, Autumn Ladies Tresses
  Orchid, Aveyron
  Orchid, Aymonin's
  Orchid, Baltic Marsh
  Orchid, Bee
  Orchid, Black Vanilla
  Orchid, Bird's-nest
  Orchid, Bog
  Orchid, Bornmueller's (Short-petalled)
  Orchid, Broad-leaved Marsh
  Orchid, Bug
  Orchid, Bumble Bee
  Orchid, Burnt
  Orchid, Calypso
  Orchid, Carmel (Umbilicate)
  Orchid, Champagne
  Orchid, Common Spotted
  Orchid, Conical
  Orchid, Coral Root
  Orchid, Cyprus Woodcock
  Orchid, Dense-flowered
  Orchid, Dog
  Orchid, Early Marsh
  Orchid, Early Purple
  Orchid, Early Spider
  Orchid, Elder-flowered
  Orchid, Fan-lipped
  Orchid, Fen
  Orchid, Flecked Marsh
  Orchid, Fly
  Orchid, Four-spotted
  Orchid, Fragrant
  Orchid, Fragrant Bug
  Orchid, Frog
  Orchid, Giant
  Orchid, Greater Butterfly
  Orchid, Green-winged
  Orchid, Heath Spotted
  Orchid, Holy
  Orchid, Italian Monkey
  Orchid, Jersey
  Orchid, Kotschy's
  Orchid, Lady
  Orchid, Lady's Slipper
  Orchid, Late Spider
  Orchid, Leopard Marsh
  Orchid, Lesser Butterfly
  Orchid, Lion Mane
  Orchid, Lizard
  Orchid, Long-spurred
  Orchid, Loose-flowered
  Orchid, Lyall's
  Orchid, Mammose
  Orchid, Man
  Orchid, Marsh
  Orchid, Military
  Orchid, Milky
  Orchid, Mirror
  Orchid, Monkey
  Orchid, Moth
  Orchid, Mt. Carmel
  Orchid, Musk
  Orchid, Northern Marsh
  Orchid, O'Kelly's Spotted
  Orchid, Omega
  Orchid, Onion
  Orchid, Pansy
  Orchid, Passiontide
  Orchid, Phalaenopsis
  Orchid, Pink Butterfly
  Orchid, Provence
  Orchid, Pyramidal
  Orchid, Rainbow
  Orchid, Red Vanilla
  Orchid, Reinhold's
  Orchid, Robust Marsh
  Orchid, Roman
  Orchid, Round-headed
  Orchid, Sawfly
  Orchid, Slipper
  Orchid, Small Spider
  Orchid, Small White
  Orchid, Sombre Bee
  Orchid, Southern Marsh
  Orchid, Tongue
  Orchid, Toothed
  Orchid, Vanda
  Orchid, Violet Bird's-nest
  Orchid, Wasp
  Orchid, Welsh Marsh
  Orchid, Woodcock
  Orchid, Yellow
  Orchid, Yellow Bee
  Orchid, "Dolly Porcelain"
  Oriental Plane
  Oriental Poppy
  Ox-eye Daisy
  Oxford Ragwort

Scientific names:
  Odontites verna
  Oenanthe lachenalii
  Oenothera "Apricot Delight"
  Oenothera "Sunset Boulevard"
  Oenothera biennis
  Oenothera erythrosepala
  Omalotheca norvegica
  Onobrychis viciifolia
  Ononis cristata (O. cenisia)
  Ononis repens
  Onopordum acanthium
  Onosma fruticosa
  Opegragha atra
  Ophioglossum lusitanicum
  Ophioglossum vulgatum
  Ophrys alasiatica
Ophrys apifera
  Ophrys apifera var. bicolor
  Ophrys apifera var. chlorantha
  Ophrys apifera var. flavescens
  Ophrys apifera var.trollii
  Ophrys araneola
  Ophrys argolica elegans
  Ophrys aveyronensis
  Ophrys aymoninii
  Ophrys bombyliflora
  Ophrys ciliata (O. speculum)
  Ophrys fuciflora
  Ophrys elegans
  Ophrys fusca fleischmannii
  Ophrys fusca funerea
  Ophrys fusca fusca
  Ophrys fusca x lutea
  Ophrys insectifera
  Ophrys iricolor
  Ophrys kotschyi
  Ophrys lapethica
  Ophrys leochroma
  Ophrys levantina (O. bornmuelleri grandiflora)
  Ophrys lutea galilaea (O. sicula)
  Ophrys lutea lutea
  Ophrys mammosa (O. sintenisii)
  Ophrys omegaifera dyris (O. dyris)
  Ophrys omegaifera israelitica
  Ophrys provincialis
  Ophrys reinholdii reinholdii
  Ophrys sicula
  Ophrys scolopax
  Ophrys sintenisii-transhyrcana (O.mammosa transhyrcana, O. sphegodes sintenisii)
  Ophrys sphegodes passionis
  Ophrys sphegodes sphegodes
  Ophrys tenthredinifera
  Ophrys umbilicata attica (O. attica)
  Ophrys umbilicata carmeli (O. carmeli)
  Ophrys vernixia
  Opuntia ficus-indica
  Opuntia helleri
  Opuntia linheimeri var linguiformis
  Orbea variegata
  Orchiaceras bivonae (Aceras anthropophorum x Orchis italica)
  Orchis champagneuxii (O. morio champagneuxii)
  Orchis collina
  Orchis conica
  Orchis coriophora
  Orchis coriophora fragrans
  Orchis fragrans
  Orchis italica
  Orchis lactea
  Orchis laxiflora
  Orchis longicornu
  Orchis mascula
  Orchis militaris
  Orchis morio morio
  Orchis morio picta
  Orchis palustris
  Orchis papilionacea 'grandiflora'
  Orchis papilionacea 'rubra'
  Orchis provincialis
  Orchis purpurea
  Orchis quadripunctata
  Orchis sancta
  Orchis simia
  Orchis syriaca (O. morio libani)
  Orchis tridentata
  Orchis ustulata
  Origanum "herrenhausen"
  Origanum vulgare
  Ornithogalum montanum
  Ornithogalum narbonense
  Ornithogalum nutans
  Ornithogalum umbellatum
  Ornithopus perpusillus
  Orobanche alba
  Orobanche crenata
  Orobanche elatior
  Orobanche gracilis
  Orobanche haenseleri
  Orobanche hederae
  Orobanche minor
  Orobanche ramosa
  Orthilia secunda
  Oryza sativa
  Osbeckia stellata
  Osmanthus burkwoodii
  Osmunda regalis
  Osteospermum ecklonis "Sonja"
  Osteospermum "Lemon Symphony"
  Osteospermum "Orange Symphony"
  Osteospermum "Symphony"
  Osteospermum "Whirligig"
  Oxalis acetosella
  Oxalis corniculata
  Oxalis pes-caprae
  Oxypetalum caeruleum
  Oxyria digyna
  Oxytropis campestris
  Oxytropis lapponica

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