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Nature Portfolio - catalogue of photos of carnivores - the order Carnivora

Black-backed Jackal This page lists all of the species for which we currently hold stock photos, email for previews

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Family Felidae
African CheetahAcinonyx jubatus jubatus
  Cougar (Puma, Mountain Lion) Felis concolor
  Jungle Cat Felis chaus
  Northern Lynx Felis lynx lynx
  Sand Cat Felis margarita harrisoni
  Ocelot Felis pardalis
  Serval Felis serval
  Domestic Cat Felis silvestris catus
  Scottish Wild Cat Felis silvestris grampia
  Rusty Spotted Cat Prionailurus rubiginosus (Felis rubiginosus)
  Eurasian Lynx Lynx lynx
  Clouded Leopard Neofelis nebulosa
  African Lion (Angolan Lion) Panthera leo bleyenberghi
  African Lion (Transvaal Lion) Panthera leo krugeri
  African Lion (Masai Lion) Panthera leo massaicus
  Asiatic Lion Panthera leo persica
  Jaguar Panthera onca
  Amur Leopard Panthera pardus orientalis
  African Leopard Panthera pardus pardus
  Amur Tiger Panthera tigris altaica
 Bengal TigerPanthera tigris tigris
 Snow LeopardPanthera uncia
Family Canidae
Common (Golden) Jackal Canis aureus
 Dingo Canis dingo
 Domestic Dog Canis lupus familiaris
 Common (European) Wolf Canis lupus lupus
 American Tundra Wolf (Gray Wolf, Timber Wolf)Canis lupus tundrarum
 Black-backed Jackal Canis mesomelas
  Maned Wolf Chrysocyon brachyurus
  Dhole (Indian Wild Dog) Cuon alpinus
  Colpeo Zorro (Pampas Fox) Dusicyon culpaeus
 African Wild Dog (Cape Hunting Dog, Painted Dog)Lycaon pictus
 Bat-eared Fox Otocyon megalotis
 Indian Fox Vulpes bengalensis
 Arctic Fox Vulpes lagopus (Alopex lagopus)
 Red FoxVulpes vulpes
Family Ursidae
Sloth Bear Melursus (Ursus) ursinus
 Brown Bear Ursus arctos arctos
 Grizzly Bear Ursus arctos horribilis
 Kermode Black Bear Ursus americanus kermodei
 Polar Bear Ursus (Thalarctos) maritimus
 Asian Black Bear Ursus (Selenarctos) thibetanus
Family Procyonidae
Red Panda Ailurus fulgens
 Ring-tailed Coati Nasua nasua
 White-nosed Coati Nasua narica
  Raccoon Procyon lotor
Family Mustelidae
Short-clawed Otter Amblonyx cinereus
 Sea Otter Enhydra lutris
 European River Otter Lutra lutra
 American Marten Martes americana
 Pine Marten Martes martes
 European Badger Meles meles
 Honey Badger (Ratel) Mellivora capensis
 Stoat (Ermine) Mustela erminea
 Weasel Mustela nivalis
 Domestic Ferret Mustela putorius furo
 European Polecat Mustela putorius
 American MinkMustela vison
Family Herpestidae
Cusimanse (Dark Mongoose) Crossarchus obscurus
 Yellow Mongoose (Red Meerkat)Cynictis penicillata
 Dwarf Mongoose (Pygmy Mongoose)Helogale parvula
  Small Indian Mongoose Herpestes javanicus
  Banded Mongoose Mungos mungo
 Grey Meerkat (Suricate, Slender -Tailed Meerkat) Suricata suricatta
Family Viverridae
Civets & Genets
Binturong Arctictis binturong
  FossaCryptoprocta ferox
  Large-spotted Genet (Rusty-spotted Genet)Genetta tigrina
  Common Palm Civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
Family Hyaenidae
Spotted (Laughing) HyaenaCrocuta crocuta
 Striped Hyaena Hyeana hyeana hyeana

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