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Wahlberg's Epauletted Fruit Bat, Jamaican Fruit Bat, Seychelles Flying Fox, Black Flying Fox, Little Red Flying Fox, Greater False Vampire Bat, Tent-making Bat,
Proboscis Bat, Brown Long-eared Bat, Grey Long-eared Bat, Leisler's Bat, Western Barbastelle, Common Noctule, Common Serotine, Pipistrelle, Daubenton's, Geoffroy's, Natterer's, Greater Horseshoe, Lesser Horseshoe
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Reference NumberEnglish NameScientific NamePhoto Details:Native
Largest Image Size Available (in pixels)Preview
Description LocalityCountryContinent
sk 0033Wahlberg's Epauletted Fruit BatEpomophorus wahlbergihanging from roofKruger National ParkSouth AfricaAfricaAfrica4500 x 3000 Wahlberg's Epauletted Fruit Bat
kb 0474Jamaican Fruit BatArtibeus jamaicensishanging from cave roof-Cayman IslandsCaribbeanCentral America900 x 600
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Jamaican Fruit Bat
kg 0381Seychelles Flying-fox (Seychelles Fruit Bat)Pteropus seychellensisin flapping flight against blue sky, showing ears and claws-Seychelles IslandsIndian OceanSeychelles Islands1500 x 1000
more photos of Seychelles Flying-fox
Seychelles Fruit Bat
kg 1131Black Flying Fox (Black Fruit Bat)Pteropus alectohanging from treesKakaduNorthern TerritoryAustraliaAustralia900 x 600 Black Flying-fox
kg 3025Little Red Flying Fox Pteropus scapulatushanging from cage roofcaptiveWestern AustraliaAustraliaAustralia900 x 600 Little Red Flying-fox
pa 0278Greater False Vampire Bat Megaderma lyrahanging upside-down eating frog-IndiaAsiaAsia3300 x 2200 Greater False Vampire Bat
kg 0396Tent-making BatUroderma bilobatumpair in leaf nestArenal, TrinidadTrinidad and TobagoCentral AmericaCentral and South America1500 x 1000 Tent-making Bat
kg 0464Proboscis BatRhynchonycteris nasoclinging to tree-Costa RicaCentral AmericaCentral America1500 x 1000 Proboscis Bat
dk 0015Brown Long-eared BatPlecotus auritusin flightParisFranceEuropeEurope3300 x 2200
more photos of Brown Long-eared Bat
Brown Long-eared Bat
kg 3077Grey Long-eared Bat Plecotus austriacus held by bat handlerDebrad SlovakiaEuropeEurope2700 x 1800 Grey Long-eared Bat
jg 0098Leisler's BatNyctalus leislerion tree trunkBournemouth, DorsetEnglandEuropeEurope1500 x 1000 Leisler's Bat
kg 3093Western Barbastelle Barbastella barbastellus in hand- SlovakiaEuropeEurope2700 x 1800 Western Barbastelle
kg 3074Common Noctule Nyctalus noctula in hand- SlovakiaEuropeEurope1200 x 800 Noctule Bat
kg 3076Common Serotine Eptesicus serotinus in hand- HungaryEuropeEurope900 x 600 Serotine Bat
dk 0003PipistrellePipistrellus pipistrellusclinging to fingerParisFranceEuropeEurope3300 x 2200
more photos of Pipistrelle
Pipistrelle on finger
kg 3075Daubenton's Bat Myotis daubentonii held by bat handler- SlovakiaEuropeEurope900 x 900 Daubenton's Bat
kg 3069Geoffroy's Bat Myotis emarginatus colony at roostTrizs HungaryEuropeEurope900 x 600 Geoffroy's Bat
kg 3072Geoffroy's Bat Myotis emarginatus held by bat handlerTrizs HungaryEuropeEurope900 x 900 Geoffroy's Bat
dk 0017Natterer's Bat Myotis nattererihibernating in caveParisFranceEuropeEurope3300 x 2200 hibrenating Natterer's Bat
pc 0122Natterer's Bat Myotis natterericaptive, hanging on twigPortland, DorsetEnglandEuropeEurope3300 x 2200 Natterer's Bat
kg 3079Greater Horseshoe Bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum held by bat handlerPerkupa HungaryEuropeEurope2700 x 1800 Greater Horseshoe Bat
kg 1907Lesser Horseshoe BatRhinolophus hipposiderosin handZemplinska Sirava SlovakiaEuropeEurope2700 x 1800 Lesser Horseshoe Bat

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