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Nature Portfolio - catalogue of photos of dragonflies and damselflies - the order Odonata

Migrant Hawker This page lists all of the species for which we currently hold stock photos, email for previews

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Sub-order Zygoptera
Family Calopterygidae
Beautiful Demoiselle Calopteryx virgo
  BandedDemoiselle Calopteryx splendens
  Hetaerina occisa
Family Platycnemididae
White-legged Damselflies
White-legged Damselfly (Blue Featherleg) Platycnemis pennipes
Family Lestidae
Emerald Damselflies
Willow Emerald DamselflyChalcolestes viridis
  Scarce Emerald Damselfly (Robust Spreadwing)Lestes dryas
  Dark SpreadwingLestes macrostigma
  Emerald Damselfly Lestes sponsa
  Common Winter Damselfly Sympecma fusca
Family Coenagrionidae
Red and Blue Damselflies
Large Red Damselfly Pyrrhosoma nymphula
  Small Red Damselfly Ceriagrion tenellum
  Azure Damselfly Coenagrion puella
  Southern Damselfly Coenagrion mercuriale
  Common Blue Damselfly Enallagma cyathigerum
  Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura elegans f.violacea
  Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura elegans f.rufesens
  Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura pumilio
  Small Red-eyed Damselfly Erythromma viridulum
Sub-order Anisoptera
Family Aeshnidae
Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea
  Brown Hawker Aeshna grandis
  Norfolk Hawker Aeshna isosceles
  Common Hawker Aeshna juncea
  Migrant Hawker Aeshna mixta
  Emperor Dragonfly Anax imperator
  Hairy Dragonfly Brachytron pratense
  Vagrant Emperor Hemianax ephippiger
  Yellow Emperor DragonflyHemianax papuensi
Family Gomphidae
Club-tailed Dragonflies
Club-tailed Dragonfly Gomphus vulgatissimus
  Gomphus pulchellus
  Gomphus schneideri
  Ictinogomphus decoratus melaenops
  Common Tigertail Ictinogomphus ferox
  Small Pincertail (Green-eyed Hook-tailed Dragonfly) Onychogomphus forcipatus
  Large Pincertail (Blue-eyed Hook-tailed Dragonfly) Onychogomphus uncatus
Family Cordulegastridae
Golden-ringed Dragonflies
Golden-ringed Dragonfly Cordulegaster boltonii
Family Corduliidae
Emerald Dragonflies
Downy Emerald Cordulia aenea
  Australian Emerald Hemicordulia australiae
  Yellow-spotted Dragonfly Procordulia smithii
  Northern Emerald Somatochlora arctica
Family Libellulidae
Chasers, Skimmers and Darters
Southern Banded Groundling Brachythemis leucosticta
  Scarlet Dragonfly Crocothemis erythraea
  Purple Darter (Black Percher) Diplacodes lefebvrei
  Ground Skimmer (Chalky Percher) Diplacodes trivialis
  Dythemis sterilis
  Red-faced Dragonlet Erythrodiplax fusca
  Band-winged Dragonlet Erythrodiplax umbrata
  White-faced Darter Leucorrhinia dubia
  Broad- bodied Chaser Libellula depressa
  Scarce Chaser Libellula fulva
  Four-spotted Chaser Libellula quadrimaculata
  Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata
  Red GrasshawkNeurothemis fluctuans
  Southern Skimmer Orthetrum brunneum
  Black-tailed Skimmer (Black-lined Skimmer) Orthetrum cancellatum
  Keeled Skimmer Orthetrum coerulescens
  Crimson Dropwing Orthetrum testaceum
  Spot-winged Glider Pantala hymenaea
  Slough Amberwing Perithemis domitia
  Common Redbolt Rhodothemis rufa
  Yellow-winged Darter Sympetrum flaveolum
  Red-veined Darter Sympetrum fonscolombei
  Southern Darter Sympetrum meridionale
  Ruby Meadowhawk Sympetrum rubicundulum
  Common Darter Sympetrum striolatum
  Ruddy Darter Sympetrum sanguineum
  Wheeling Glider Tramea basilaris
  Violet Dropwing Trithemis annulata
  Crimson Marsh Glider (Dawn Dropwing) Trithemis aurora

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